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How to Unlock Your Android Phone With Your Fitbit (2023)

How to Unlock Your Android Phone With Your Fitbit (2023)
How to Unlock Your Android Phone With Your Fitbit (2023)

How to Unlock Your Android Phone With Your Fitbit (2023)

How to Unlock Your Android Phone With Your Fitbit (2023)


Do you want to use your Fitbit to unlock your Android? then this article is for you

This article explains how to use a Fitbit with the Smart Lock function to unlock an Android phone. No matter who created your Android phone—Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, or anyone else—the instructions should still be applicable.


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When the Android Lollipop 5.0 operating system added the ability to use Smart Lock, users of Android quickly gained access to features. Numerous new locking and unlocking techniques were added by Smart Lock, which significantly enhanced the OS’s earlier facial recognition feature. It has the ability to unlock a phone using a trusted Bluetooth device. Here’s how to set up Android Smart Lock to use a Fitbit (or any trusted Bluetooth device) to unlock a phone.

When it comes to unlocking your smartphone, the PIN or passcode isn’t the only option for security. With advances such as biometric-based security in Apple’s Touch ID and later Face ID, the ways to unlock smartphones have expanded.

  1. Enter your password or pattern for your device. If you don’t have one yet, open Settings, then go to Security Screen Lock.

  2. If you are creating a password, go to the Screen lock type section, and choose between PatternPIN, or Password for a Screen Lock.

    Note: Using Swipe doesn’t allow you to set up Smart Lock.

  3. To use the Smart Lock feature with a trusted Bluetooth device, make sure Smart Lock is turned on. Go to Settings Security > Smart Lock.

    Note: You are prompted to enter your chosen PatternPIN, or Password before proceeding.

  4. Select On-body detection.

  5. Toggle Use On-body detection on.

  6. In the Keep in the mind dialog box, select Continue.

  7. Return to the Smart Lock screen and select Trusted devices.

  8. Select the + (Plus sign) next to Add trusted device.

  9. Select your Fitbit.

    Note: If you don’t see your Fitbit, you may need to enable Bluetooth or re-sync the Fitbit.

  10. Confirm the addition of your Fitbit as a trusted device by selecting Yes, Add.

Note: Depending on the range of your phone’s Bluetooth radio, someone nearby could access your phone if the device you paired it to for Smart Unlock is nearby.


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