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How to Upload 4K Videos From a PC to YouTube (2023)

How to Upload 4K Videos From a PC to YouTube (2023)

How to Upload 4K Videos From a PC to YouTube (2023)

How to Upload 4K Videos From a PC to YouTube (2023)


Do you want to upload 4K videos to Youtube from your PC? then this article is for you

How to post 4K videos from a PC to YouTube is described in this article.



To upload to YouTube in 4K from your PC, you need to export your video in 4K using the video editing software of your choice. It doesn’t matter what app you use for this, as long as it supports exporting in 4K. For the best results, your video editing app should also support the MP4 file type, H.264 video codec, and AAC audio codec. You can upload 4K videos in different formats, including raw footage from your camera, and YouTube will process and convert it in most cases, but sticking to YouTube’s recommendations minimizes the chance of upload errors.

Here’s how to upload to YouTube in 4K from your PC:

  1. Using the video editing software of your choice, export your video with the following settings:

    • File type: MP4
    • Encoder: H.264
    • Resolution: 3840×2160
    • Frame Rate: Native (the frame rate used to record the video)
    • Bit Rate: 85 Mbps
    • Audio Codec: AAC
    • Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
    • Bit Rate: 320+ Kbps
  2. Click the camera icon in the upper right corner of the YouTube website.

  3. Click Upload Video.

  4. Click Select Files.

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  5. Locate and select your 4K video, and click Open.

    Note: Your video will automatically start uploading, but you need to leave the browser window open.

  6. Enter a title and description, then scroll down.

  7. Adjust the audience settings if necessary, then click Next.

  8. Click Next.

    Note: You can add subtitles, an end screen, or end cards here if you want to, but these aren’t required.

  9. Click Next.

    Note: If YouTube has detected any copyright flags on your video by this point, they’ll appear on this screen.

  10. Click Public if you want the video to be publicly available.

    Note: Select Private or Unlisted if you don’t want the general public to see your video, and Schedule if you don’t want to publish right away.

  11. Click Publish.

  12. Leave the window open while the video uploads.

  13. When the video is done uploading, you’ll see a message that it’s processing. You can close the window now, or leave it open for a visual indication of the processing time.

    Note: It can take a long time for YouTube to process videos, and it won’t be available in 4K at first.


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