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How to Use Canva (2023)

How to Use Canva (2023)

How to Use Canva (2023)

How to Use Canva (2023)

Do you want to learn how to you can use Canva? then this article is just made for you



To use Canva, first register for a free account. Once you do this, you’re ready to start your first design. Here’s a quick tutorial on beginning a Canva project.

  1. Log in to your Canva account to see your home screen.

  2. Scroll through hundreds of templates, or use the Search box to find something specific, and then select a template.

  3. To search the Canva photo library, select Photos from the toolbar on the left. Enter a search term in the search bar to find specific images or scroll for inspiration.

  4. Filter the search to find free images, or search by color or other factors.

  5. When you find an image you want to use, drag and drop the image into the design. Resize or flip the image, change its transparency, and more using the toolbar at the top of the design screen.

    Note: Does the image have a Canva watermark? If so, it’s a Premium image that you must pay for. Select Remove Watermark to pay for the photo.

  6. When the photo is where you want it, add more elements. For example, to add a heading and text, select Text from the toolbar on the left.

  7. Drag and drop the type of text you wish to use in the design. Move the text box around until it fits your design.

  8. To change the text, double-click it and then start typing. To change the font, use the menu located in the toolbar at the top of the design screen to select a new font.

    Note: Change the text color, spacing, alignment, and other text formatting using the same toolbar.

  9. Add an element by selecting Elements from the toolbar on the left.

    Note: Elements include grids, charts, frames, shapes, gradients, illustrations, lines, and more. To change a shape’s position, select Position, and use the menu to select a new position for the element. Move the element forward or backward between layers.

  10. When you’re satisfied with your design, share it. Select Share and enter an email address. Give recipients permission to either edit or view.

  11. To download your design, select the Download icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen and choose a file type.

    Note: If you used Premium images or elements in your design, you’ll need to pay for those before you can download your work. Select Pay and Download to pay for the elements.


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