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How to Use Live View on Google Maps (2023)

How to Use Live View on Google Maps (2023)

How to Use Live View on Google Maps (2023)


Do you want to use the Google Maps’ Live View Feature? then this article is just for you

This article shows how to use Google Maps’ Live View when you’re walking. You can follow on-screen instructions that point you in the right direction by using the camera on your device.


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Live View becomes available when you choose walking directions in Google Maps.

  1. From the Explore or Go tab, enter a location or search for an address. You can also go to the Saved tab to choose a spot you’ve saved in Google Maps.

  2. When Google Maps finds the correct location, tap Directions.

  3. Select the walking icon at the top below the destination name.

  4. At the bottom, choose Live View.

  5. The first time you use Live View, you’ll see prompts explaining the feature, asking you to be safe, and requesting access to your camera. Review and tap to move through the prompts and provide camera access.

  6. Point your camera toward buildings, street signs, or other landmarks that help Google Maps guide you.

  7. Follow the onscreen directions as you walk to your destination.


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