How to Use Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp (2022)

How to Use Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp (2022)

How to Use Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp (2022)

How to Use Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp (2022)


Do you want to learn how to use Two-step verification? then this article is for you

The procedure for enabling two-factor authentication, sometimes referred to as 2FA or two-step verification, on your WhatsApp account is described in this article. Any Android or iOS smartphone that has WhatsApp installed must follow the instructions.




It only takes a few minutes to enable WhatsApp 2-step verification, provided you know how, but it’s important to do so. Here’s what to do.

The instructions are very similar, whether you’re on Android or iOS. They work across all Android and iOS devices that have WhatsApp installed.

  1. Open WhatsApp.

  2. Tap Settings.

    Note: On an Android phone, you may have to tap the three dots icon, then tap Settings.

  3. Tap Account.

  4. Tap Two-Step Verification.

  5. Tap Enable.

  6. Enter the six-digit PIN you wish to use.

    Note: Make sure it’s something you’ll remember!

  7. Tap Next, then enter it a second time to confirm it.

  8. Tap Next.

  9. Add an email address for extra security.

    Note: This step is optional and you can tap Skip to skip it, but it’s useful to have an extra way of retrieving your account if you forget your PIN.

  10. Tap Next.

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If you want to change your WhatsApp PIN or email address, it’s easy to do so. Here’s what to do.

You may wish to do this regularly if you’re worried that your PIN is easy to guess or someone else may have figured it out. Make sure an active email address is always used so you don’t get locked out.

  1. Tap Settings > Two-Step Verification.

  2. Tap Change PIN or Change Email Address.

  3. Enter your new PIN or email address, then tap Next.

  4. Your PIN or email address is now changed.

    Note: Want to disable two step verification instead? Tap Disable, then tap Disable a second time to agree to it.

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