How To Watch A Rented iTunes Movie On iPhone (2022)

How To Watch A Rented iTunes Movie On iPhone (2022)

How To Watch A Rented iTunes Movie On iPhone (2022)

Watch Rented iTunes Movie On iPhone (2022)

Are you an iOS user and you are finding it difficult to watch rented movies from iTunes on Your iPhone? Then look no further this article is for you.

As technology has created new possibilities, the necessity to drive to a movie rental outlet has steadily vanished. Users of iTunes, for example, can rent movies directly from their laptops.

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If you have a mobile Apple device, such as an iPhone, you can also move the rental purchase to that device using iTunes. This is useful if you want to keep rented movies on your iPhone for plane rides or road journeys.

Below Is The Step By Step Method On How To Watch A Rented iTunes Movie On My iPhone 

Step 1 – Using the iPhone’s USB connector cable, connect your iPhone to your computer.

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Step 2 – Open the iTunes Platform

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Step 3 – Click your iPhone’s name below “Devices” on the left.

Step 4 – Near the top of iTunes, select “Videos.” A list of your computer’s videos, including leased movies, will show.

How To Watch A Rented iTunes Movie On iPhone (2022)

Step 5 – Then click “Move” after selecting the rented movie. For each rented movie you want to watch on your iPhone, repeat this process.


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Step 6 – At the bottom right, click “Apply.” The movies you’ve rented will be transferred to your iPhone.


  1. Can I watch a rented iTunes on My iPhone? ANS – YES


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