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How To Write A Motivation Letter For Scholarships (2022)

How To Write A Motivation Letter For Scholarships (2022)

How To Write A Motivation Letter For Scholarships (2022)

The motivation letter is what sets you apart from the rest when applying for a scholarship. A winning motivation letter has not only helped us win scholarships (academic and professional practice) but also to find employment with large companies. Now we want to tell you everything you have to keep in mind while writing a motivation letter for a scholarship. Here we will teach you to develop your own template so that you can apply to multiple calls and increasing your chances of winning scholarships abroad.

The motivation letter for the scholarship should include your academic achievements. It should explain: Why are you the ideal candidate? How do your skills and abilities contribute to the university or country? You should show the desire that you want to learn and contribute new knowledge.

Note: This does not mean that academic performance, experience and recognition do not matter and that just having an attractive and clear motivation letter will be enough to get the scholarship. Your achievements and skills make you the right candidate for the scholarship and the motivation letter helps you excel as indicated.


Before Writing your Motivation Letter for Scholarship:


Investigate the institution and the country you want to travel to and study. What profile does the institution or the scholarship provider looking for? Browse its official page, review the sections: About, Our Culture, Philosophy, among others, and analyze the institution. Do they value leadership more or the ability to work as a team? Are they socially responsible and concerned about the environment? What is the role of ethics? Or are they more focused on numbers and concrete results?

This research will not only help you shape your motivation letter according to the interests of the institution but also to find out if this opportunity suits your interests.

Strategy 1: Review the Mission and Vision of the institutions and analyze profiles of faculty members. Use synonyms of the words they use in the motivation letter.

Strategy 2: Check the section of testimonies of students (scholars or not) or employees of the institution. Sometimes they have official videos and what they say also helps you to analyze and find out if you like the program and then address your motivation letter accordingly.


How To Write A Winning Motivation Letter For A Scholarship?

Now that you have made the respective analysis, it is time to write a winning motivation letter for a scholarship. The letter of motivation must have the following points:

(1)  Title and header:

Title: “Letter of motivation for [scholarship to which you are applying]”


  • Full name
  • Address + postal code
  • Phone
  • e-mail
  • Optional: Skype and social networks
  • Header position: I recommend the upper right but the upper left can also be.

(2)  Introduction:

Start with a formal greeting and to the point, mention the reason for this letter. “Through this I want … apply to the scholarship … published in …. “. Also, answer briefly: why are you applying to this scholarship, what motivated you from the program? In this way, you can write concisely about what you like about the institution and/or country to which you are applying for a scholarship. And finally, do not forget to mention your objective and how it relates to the objectives of the program to which you are applying. Example: “… I’ve been looking for an international experience for … And I trust that the study program X in the institution can help me …. ”

(3)  Who are you? 

This is the second paragraph of the motivation letter where you should write:

  • Your academic achievements.
  • Why are you the ideal candidate?

Tip: No matter what kind of achievements you have had, write them down in a way that demonstrates the value they bring to the institution or country to which you apply.

(4)  How do you contribute?

Just as you really want to learn and travel, how do your skills and abilities contribute to the university or country? You can place things like “increase the knowledge of my colleagues about my country, participate in sports or art activities etc”

(5)  Demonstrate in advance that you know who you are addressing (institution and/or country):

You mentioned it in the introduction but here you must give more details of your motivation. According to the previous research: Why does the program mean so much to you? How the research projects and facilities of the institution and country will help you to achieve your goals?

(6)  Final words:

You and I know that you really want to do this, prove it! Show the desire that you want to learn and contribute new knowledge. Here are words like “I am very motivated by …” “it would be an honour and the beginning of a road full of …” etc

(7)  Acknowledgments and dismissal:

Again, time is supremely valuable, so we must thank the reader for giving attention and make it clear that you are looking forward to working with them. Finish with “Cordially” or “Cordial Greetings” is more than good.




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