Justin Bieber Goes Viral After Addressing Racism

Justin Bieber Goes Viral After Addressing Racism

Justin Bieber Goes Viral After Addressing Racism

Justin Bieber Goes Viral After Addressing Racism

Celebrities speaking out about social issues are very popular these days since they have a platform to influence a sizable portion of society.

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The most recent speaker, Justin Bieber, used his huge media platform to speak out against bigotry.

Unexpectedly, he did so upon his return to the stage following his issues with facial paralysis, and his statements have already become well known.

Bieber Calls Racism “Diabolical”

Bieber was on stage in May in Mexico City when he first publicly spoke against racism.

“This is a tour of unity and acceptance, we are all the same,” he said at the time.

“In this world, there are many divisions and a lot of racial injustice.

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“We can make a difference, we can be together and unite, racism is diabolical!”

Bieber has once again expressed another resounding message in favour of the union of all races, because, for him, that is true justice.

He decided to speak up whilst on stage during his final concert in Trondheim, Norway.

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“So, when we created the ‘Justice’ album, we wanted to make an intentional moment,” he said in Norway.

“A moment of unity, a moment of acceptance, a moment of belonging.

“In this world, there’s a lot of division and what justice is is for us to all come together.

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“We know that racism is evil. It’s wrong. But you and I, we get to be the difference-makers.

“We get to be the ones to stand with our brothers and sisters and make a change.”

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