Marilyn Monroe’s Death Still A Mystery 60 Years After

Marilyn Monroe's Death Still A Mystery 60 Years After

Marilyn Monroe’s Death Still A Mystery 60 Years After

Marilyn Monroe’s Death Still A Mystery 60 Years After

60 years ago, one of the greatest movie legends passed away. Despite the passage of time, Marilyn Monroe’s death remains a mystery. She went away at the age of 36.

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The President’s Girlfriend

The moment when Marilyn performed the well-known “Happy birthday, Mr. President” for US President John F. Kennedy was legendary and momentous, but it’s possible that it also cost Monroe her life.

All the evidence points to her passing on August 4, 1962, between 20:00 and 23:00, but it wasn’t until early on August 5 that her maid entered the room and discovered Monroe’s motionless body that the death was confirmed.

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When she passed away, it had a significant impact on American society and sparked a number of conspiracy theories that spread around the globe.

When her assistant, Eunice Murray, found her lifeless body, the first thing she did was to call Dr. Ralph Greenson, who was the actress’ psychiatrist and the one who ordered the ambulance.

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After the forensic analysis, the report stated that the most likely cause of death was the ingestion of medication, so suicide was not ruled out.

However, this is a theory that not everyone agrees with, as we have read in books and seen in numerous films.

The Documentary About Marilyn Monroe

A few days ago, the documentary ‘The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes’ was released and previously-unpublished information has come to light about that night.

The film plays unpublished audios of the journalist Anthony Summer, who investigated the enigmatic death of the actress.


One of the key points in this documentary is when JFK and his brother Robert are implicated in the cover-up of Marilyn’s death for reasons that are not described but are assumed since the relationship between JFK and the famous star was evident at the time.

The Mystery of Marilyn Monore's Estate - Netflix TudumSixty years since Marilyn Monroe's death: Her passing still surrounded by  mystery | Marca

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