More Troubles For Abiodun As MAPOLY Lecturers Threaten Strike In Ogun

More Troubles For Abiodun As MAPOLY Lecturers Threaten Strike In Ogun

More Troubles For Abiodun As MAPOLY Lecturers Threaten Strike In Ogun

More Troubles For Abiodun As MAPOLY Lecturers Threaten Strike In Ogun

If the Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, does not yield to their demands, lecturers associated with the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, chapter, have threatened to engage in industrial action.

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In order to prevent industrial action, the academics have given the state government and the management of MAPOLY a 14-day deadline to address their concerns.

The MAPOLY professors’ threat came while the state’s organized labor-represented public employees were on an indefinite strike as of Tuesday.

In a statement following its extraordinary Congress on Tuesday, the academics claimed that the state government’s alleged continued reluctance to address ongoing difficulties impacting the Polytechnic and its workers made their position necessary.

In the communique jointly signed by the ASUP Chairman and Secretary, Babatunde Osifalujo and Tomisi Adegunle, the union said the quality of learning in the institution had dwindled due to the non-existence of power supply and lack of materials and equipment for practicals in various laboratories.

More Troubles For Abiodun As MAPOLY Lecturers Threaten Strike In Ogun

According to the union, the failure of the government to implement the Federal Polytechnic Act, 2019, had denied the Polytechnic’s accreditation of some courses by the National Board for Technical Education.

The union equally called on Governor Abiodun to wake up to his responsibility, stressing that 100 per cent reliance on Internally Generated Revenue as the only source for the monthly salaries could no longer sustain the institution.

The communique partly read, “In light of the various circumstances enumerated above, the union hereby gives a 21-day ultimatum to the Ogun State Government and Management of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic to attend to all of these issues raised, failure of which shall result in the declaration of an industrial dispute by the Union.

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The union listed the issues under contention to include: “The dwindling quality of education provided to our student population as a result of almost non-existence of power supply and materials for practicals in the various laboratories; failure of the government and management to respond to the NBTE normative document sent to the government through the management of the institution; the continuing reluctance of the government to domesticate the Federal Polytechnic Act, 2019.”

The communiqué added: “The sustenance of the polytechnic solely on Internally Generated Revenue; the failure of the government to announce a substantive rector for the institution; the persistent neglect of the Ogun State government and the management of the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic to the plight of staff welfare.

More Troubles For Abiodun As MAPOLY Lecturers Threaten Strike In Ogun

“Consequent upon an exhaustive deliberation on the foregoing issues, the Congress resolves and demands: The improvement of electricity supply in the polytechnic, as the non-availability of power supply, has become inimical to lecture deliveries and depriving students of having hands-on practicals in various laboratories, studios, and workshops.

“The Ogun State Government should urgently domesticate and implement the Federal Polytechnic (Amendment) Act, 2019 in Moshood Abiola Polytechnic as specified by the NBTE as a condition for the much-awaited accreditation and as a standard of measure in running an efficient Polytechnic in Nigeria (please see the attached for emphasis).

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“The practice of 100 percent reliance on Internally Generated Revenue as the only source of monthly wages/salaries payments in the Polytechnic should be truncated herewith as the Union calls on the government of Ogun State to rise up to its responsibilities as the owner and employer of labor in the Polytechnic.

“Moshood Abiola Polytechnic is an Ogun State Government-owned institution and should not be run like a private entity, as such the practice of the government advancing financial aid to the Polytechnic for salary payment in time of need/IGR insufficiency and later claiming it as a loan even with interest charges to the institution or in lieu of MAPOLY’s statutory allocations for several months had further impoverished the Polytechnic and it is not acceptable to us.

“Appointment of substantive Rector and convocation of a progressive Governing Council which we have been denied and negatively impacting on the smooth running of the Polytechnic since 2018. Again, this will redress the incessant delay in salary approval and payment.

More Troubles For Abiodun As MAPOLY Lecturers Threaten Strike In Ogun

“Implementation and payment of minimum wages for workers in the Polytechnic in accordance with the NBTE template, including arrears, as already being enjoyed by our counterparts in the Ogun State Civil Service effective from October 2021.

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“Remittance of 55 months accumulated pension deductions from staff salaries accompanied with its counterpart funding by the Polytechnic to the respective Pension Fund Administrators for each member of staff.

“Implementation of all backlog of appointments and promotions of staff, including the conclusion of appointments for 2018 and the commencement of promotions for 2020.

“Payment of over 27 months outstanding check-off dues deductions to the union.”

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