NGO Urges Parents To Treat Both Genders Equally

NGO Urges Parents To Treat Both Genders Equally

NGO Urges Parents To Treat Both Genders Equally

A Mother’s Love Initiative, a non-governmental organization, has urged parents to educate boys and girls equally in order to halt the tide of moral degeneration in society.

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According to a statement released on Monday, AMLI’s Executive Director, Mrs Hanatu Enwemadu, revealed this at an event commemorating 2022 Fathers’ Day.

Enwemadu stated that society has placed a greater emphasis on the girl kid while neglecting the boy child, which has contributed significantly to the rise in social vices in the country.

She said,

“Nigerians should train both genders equally to change the narrative as no gender is better than the other. The boy child has been neglected; parents need to step up their game.

“I encourage parents to please create time for our children, raise the boy child the same way you are raising the girl because our children are the future.”

NGO Urges Parents To Treat Both Genders Equally

A veteran actor, Mr Nobert Young, charged parents to prepare the boy child early in life for fatherly role.

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He said,

“Let the boy child do chores, he should not be left to play football all the time. Though, I am not against football, let the boy child grow up thinking about the house, cook, wash clothes, wash plates, let them learn the economics and management of the home, that is what I meant by domesticating the boy child”

An educationist, Mr Adesina Okunnusi, highlighted the dangers inherent in the hurried child syndrome which included unbalanced emotional intelligence and mental health challenges, and advised parents to allow children to grow through developmental stages to ensure their emotional stability in the future.

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