President Of SOKAPU Resigns, Joins Kaduna Governor Race

President Of SOKAPU Resigns, Joins Kaduna Governor Race

President Of SOKAPU Resigns, Joins Kaduna Governor Race

President Of SOKAPU Resigns, Joins Kaduna Governor Race

On Tuesday, Hon. Jonathan Asake, a former member of the House of Representatives, formally resigned from his position as president of the Southern Kaduna People’s Union, the state’s representative organization for the southern Kaduna people.

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In order to run for the position in the 2023 elections, Asake entered the race for governor of Kaduna State on the Labour Party platform.

The candidate for governor stated he resigned from his position as head of SOKAPU at the organization’s secretariat in Kaduna in order to heed the clarion cry of the vast majority of people to run for Sir Ibrahim Kashim Government House in 2023.

President Of SOKAPU Resigns, Joins Kaduna Governor Race

He said, “What you’ve been hearing is now confirmed that I have answered a clarion call by people and by the larger people of Kaduna State that I should contest for the Gubernatorial election come 2023.

“I have answered this call having observed what has gone on for a very long time within my period as SOKAPU President, and I have seen the way insecurity has taken over the entire State, criminals freely crossing our borders and coming into our State and killed, destroyed our farmlands and get away with it, and I feel leadership can fixed those things.

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“Since there is an opportunity for me to offer myself to render leadership in this category and by our constitutional provision, I know the essence of government is security, well-being, and welfare of the people.”

According to him, he is ready to work hard and showcase himself to the people of the state and also ready to give an inclusive leadership that will entrench fair play, justice, and equity to the entire people if elected.

President Of SOKAPU Resigns, Joins Kaduna Governor Race

“When we’ve leadership that entrenches fair play, justice, and equity, it won’t matter where you come from, it won’t matter your religious affiliation or the region you come from all that will matter is quality leadership and coming from SOKAPU as their leader I want to extend that kind of leadership style to the entire State.”

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Meanwhile, Asake’s vice, Mr. Dio Maisamari, has stepped in as the new SOKAPU president.

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