Reddington Launches Clinic For Plastic Surgery

Reddington Launches Clinic For Plastic Surgery

Reddington Launches Clinic For Plastic Surgery

Reddington Launches Clinic For Plastic Surgery

In Victoria Island, Lagos State, The Reddington Hospital Group has announced the opening of a Bodycare Plastic Surgery Clinic.

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According to the hospital, Abuja Plastics, a pror.

Emmanuel Matthews, the Chief Operating Officer of Reddington Hospitminent plastic surgery facility in Nigeria, helped build the new centeal, said the establishment of the center was a response to Nigerians’ desires for a reputable and top-notch plastic surgery clinic in their country while speaking at a media briefing at the Reddington Hospital Group’s headquarters in Lagos.

This, he said, would reduce the foreign exchange spent by Nigerians on medical tourism to India, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, among other countries.

Reddington Launches Clinic For Plastic Surgery

On his part, the Medical Director, Bodycare Plastic Surgery Clinic and Founder of Abuja Plastics, Dr. Stanley Okoro, said the cutting-edge medical technology and qualified staff at Reddington hospital provide a perfect synergy between the two partners to make the clinic a plastic surgery destination for Nigerians, Africans and others.

Dr. Okoro, who has won many global awards and has extensive experience in all areas of plastic surgery, said plastic surgery was safe if done by a team of professionals in the right environment.

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“There is no need to travel overseas for excellence in cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery as the services are very well provided at the Reddington Bodycare Plastic Surgery Clinic,” Okoro said.

Also speaking, a key member of the Bodycare team, Dr Jennifer Cameron, said the clinic offers an extensive range of aesthetic plastic surgery procedures for all areas of the body.

Reddington Launches Clinic For Plastic Surgery

Cameron, who is an experienced Plastic Surgeon from Minnesota, USA, said the services include facelifts, eyelid surgery, breast augmentation and reductions, buttock lifts, contouring and reduction, Botox treatments, and many others including procedures for men such as tummy tuck, waist reduction, etc.

“The center has already accepted its first patient who traveled from the UK for the procedure.

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“The Bodycare team will also provide remedial plastic surgical services as well as reconstructive services, providing solutions for congenital defects such as cleft palate, dealing with the victims of burns injuries and providing other specialist Plastic surgeries,” She said.

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