Director Aneesh Chaganty delivers sleek thrills in Run, a Hitchcock-inspired thriller that operates on a razor’s edge. Swiftly ushered in by a powerful performance from American Horror Story alum Sarah Paulson, Run promises the audience will stay securely at the edge of their seats for the 90-minute descent into sheer madness.

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Run 2020 | Download Movie 

Run marks the second outing by Chaganty, whose critically acclaimed directorial debut film, Searching, released in 2018. With a script by Chaganty and Sev Ohanian, Run takes the backbone of an Alfred Hitchcock psychological thriller and flips the script to give more power to the movie’s female protagonist.

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Run 2020 | Download Movie 

As Chloe, Kiera Allen is a formidable counter for Paulson’s unhinged mixture of maternal ferocity and wild-eyed obsession. Run showcases the whiplash intensity and cold calculation of Sarah Paulson at her peak, with intense moments that will leave you breathless.

In Run, homeschooled high school student Chloe (Allen) lives a secluded life under