Your liberation is connected to your revelation of God; captivity and imprisonment continue outside of God.

SCRIPTURE: In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1:1

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Your liberation is connected to your revelation of God; captivity and imprisonment continue outside of God.

Happy Independence Day Celebration-Nigeria! I congratulate our great nation on this colourful day, for the attainment of political independence 59 years ago.

It is indeed a special day in the history of Nigeria. I also congratulate you and appreciate God for making you step into the tenth month of the year, 2019.

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Today, I prophesy to you that the month of October shall answer for you; that long-awaited freedom you desire in your life and family shall happen in this season, in Jesus’ Name.

Now, today being the beginning of a new month and the Independence Day celebration, we shall look at Beginning with God – a key to freedom.

The question is, what do you need to do in every new beginning in order to experience liberty and freedom in every area of your life?

From our anchor Scripture above, it is very important to know that every new beginning begins with God. This is why the Scripture says, in the beginning, God… (Genesis 1:1). Nothing provokes freedom like beginning with God.

To know success in life, you must begin with God. Your liberation is connected to your revelation of God.

Nothing can be successful outside of God; to be independent of God is to be deficient of good. Imprisonment continues outside of God; Confinement remains without God. To be independent of God is to be ineffective in life.

Beloved, if this month must deliver to you what you desire; if freedom from sickness, satanic oppression, poverty, affliction, barrenness, marital bondage or anti-marital spell is your desire, then begin with God.

Invite Him into your life, involve Him in your life’s decisions, let God be the Centre of your life.

Like Moses, you must come to the point of refusing to take a step forward if God is not with you,(Exodus 33:15). You shall make it, in Jesus’ Name.

REMEMBER THIS: Your liberation is connected to your revelation of God; captivity and imprisonment continue outside of God.


  1. Make up your mind to draw closer to God.
  2. Be conscious of God’s Presence around you always by maintaining a life of purity, prayer, the study of God’s Word, worship, fasting, etc.
  3. Determine to involve God in whatever you do; ask Him before you take any step or make any move.

PRAYER: Lord, thank You for giving me the privilege of life. I rededicate my life to You. Draw me closer to You, Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

QUOTE: Insight is critical to escape; the inspiration is the doorway to liberation. Culled from 365 Wisdom Capsules by Dr. Paul Enenche

AMAZING FACT: A bee is the only insect that produces food eaten by man.

TODAY IN HISTORY: 1/10/1960: Nigeria gained her Independence from Britain.

DAILY READING: Isa. 62: 6 to 65:25, Phil. 2:19 to 3:3, Ps. 73: 1 to 28, Prov. 24: 13 to 14.


DON’T FORGET TO ATTEND: The October 2019 Preservation and Power Communion Service tomorrow with friends and loved ones for the preservation of your life and destiny. Time is 5:30 pm at the Glory Dome, the Lord’s Garden, Airport Road, Abuja. God bless you as you come.

PROPHETIC DECLARATION/WORD: In this new month, God shall cause you to make new marks in Jesus’ Name.

Today’s devotional was written by Pastor Paul Enenche of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC), headquartered at Abuja, Nigeria, with Pastor Paul and Becky Enenche, as the Senior Pastors. It is a power-packed arena where God’s Presence, Principles, and Power are at work for the salvation, healing, and restoration of human destinies and dignities