Shockwave Countdown To Disaster Movie Download


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Shockwave Countdown To Disaster 2018 Movie Download

ABOUT MOVIE Shockwave Countdown To Disaster

Directed by Nick Lyon (Punk Love 2006, Bullet 2014), the film begins in Yemen. Kate (Stacey Oristano: Friday Night Lights series, Bunheads series) and her male companion have been kidnapped by a terrorist group.

It is her knowledge of the weapon they have also stolen that makes her important. Unbeknownst to the terrorists, U.S. Navy Seals, stationed to extract the pair from danger.

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Thus, Kate is forced to activate the resonance machine, as Navy seals begin their rescue.

She protests, but her pleas are ignored. While she is successfully extracted, the weapon is now activated. A shockwave and sudden fiery tornado forms as the weapon begins to burrow into the earth’s crust. Kate seems to be the only one who understands the gravity of this situation.

Shockwave Countdown To Disaster 2018 Movie Download

Also, Kate’s husband, Rob (Rib Hillis: General Hospital series, Port Charles series), is also a professor. He is in California headed to a section of the San Andreas fault to study the more than normal activity there. He, accompanied by his student, Jake (Tyler Perez: Nova Road 2014, WITS Academy 2015), and their daughter Jessie (Morgan Lindholm: Bones 2017, Truth or Dare 2018).

Jessie, unlike Jake, is thereby duress. It is spring break and she is forced to spend it with her dad working because she is punished. They are unaware of Kate’s exploits and her connection to the seismic events.

IMDb Ratings: 5.3/10
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Language: English
Quality: 720p WEB-DL
Size: 697MB
Subtitle: None
Director: Nick Lyon
Writers: Blaine Chiappetta, Rafael Jordan
Stars: Stacey Oristano, Rib Hillis, Ed Amatrudo

Movie Plot: A stolen seismic weapon is activated in Yemen. A hostage freed there tries in vain to warn against its global effect. It starts seismic activity at the Californian fault line where her daughter and ex are monitoring it. Can they stop it?



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