The Benefits Of A Good Reading Habit

The Benefits Of A Good Reading Habit

The Benefits Of A Good Reading Habit – Written By JesuSeun

Reading is simply a process of interpreting written language. It’s a process that negotiates the meaning between the text and the reader. Reading is an exercise that opens us to the unspoken feelings of the writer through sincere and undiluted words. Most importantly, reading is not just in grammatical constructions but inadequate comprehension of the compiled words and messages of the writer.


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If you would permit me, I would say writing is sacred, reading is therefore the act of deciphering the sacredness of the words put together by a writer. As it is said in the book of Proverbs chapter 25 verse 2, it says, it is the glory of God to conceal a thing; but the honour of kings to search out a matter. It is also the glory, pride of a writer to conceal a thing (in books) but the honour or a wise man to search it out by reading. In other words, we search out truths by reading.


A wise man said, when you read a book written by an author’s thirty years of experience, you would have become thirty years older and wiser by the time you finish reading such a book. That is so true about reading ’cause it opens us up to unimaginable levels of knowledge, wisdom and maturity.


Sadly, a lot of people do not take advantage of the simple truth explained above, we often feel it’s stressful to read, but I must tell you that it is a very interesting thing, if not the most. There is a saying that, if you want to hide a thing from a man, hide it in a book. Life’s deep truths are concealed in books and it will only take the wise to search them out!

Elder searching out truths from books

I am challenging all subscribers and followers of Life Address Blog to inculcate the habit of reading books: not just any book, not just romance novels, not books that wouldn’t add much to you.


The Benefits Of A Good Reading Habit


In fact, not just academic books, but books that will challenge you, books that will help you know and understand the mind of God, understand life and teach you practical approaches to life situations.


I am not saying it is not good to read novels, my point is, they can only give you fantasies rather than reality, the frank truth is that they will never really open you to the real deals of life.

You should read books such as How to get from where you are to where you want to be, The Secret, Think Big, Eat That Frog, Who Moved my Cheese, An enemy called average, and of course Becoming your own person written by me. These are just a few books I think you should start with, they will really help you because they did me. You can drop your questions in the comment session if you need more enlightenment.


Something you should know about reading is that you can make it a habit, I mean it can be so interesting. It would only become a burden to you when you have not really understood what you stand to gain by engaging in it. There are certain things our schools will never teach us, but we will do well for ourselves to go the extra mile to learn them by ourselves.


The Benefits Of A Good Reading Habit


There are books on every endeavour, say academics, relationships, business, career, finances, marriage, ministry etc. You can learn about business by reading books written by successful business people. Remember what that means? It means you are tapping into their years of experience in making that business work.


Good business books are written by authors such as Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, and so many others. Read marriage books now that you are still so you can learn about marriage even before you venture into it. Someone says marriage is not a training ground, it’s the battlefield – where you put to work, all that you must have learnt. You can read Making Marriage Work by Joyce Meyer, A wife After God’s heart, Marriage Covenant by Bishop David Oyedepo and so many other books even by these authors and some others.

This article might seem a little long but I think it’s worth it. You might want to give an excuse of your schedule being tight and how you’ll barely get time to read,


The Benefits Of A Good Reading Habit


However, thanks to technology, you can always carry your books with you on your phone to read in every free time you get. You don’t even have to bother yourself with the cost of purchasing a book, you can join book groups where e-books are shared for free and easy download. There is never any genuine excuse for anything!

Life is easier, you can read your books on your smartphone

Having read this article, I hope you now have a change of heart to develop a reading habit and enjoy the benefit of reading good books. Thanks to your audience so far. We hope to serve you better. Kindly like, drop your comment, and most importantly subscribe below to get notifications via email anytime we post something new. Stay blessed fam


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