The Meaning Of The Slang “Cap” and “No Cap” Seems Different In Various Regions Used

The Meaning Of The Slang “Cap” and “No Cap” Seems Different In Various Regions Used

The Meaning Of The Slang “Cap” and “No Cap” Seems Different In Various Regions Used

Cap” and “No Cap” Meaning 

Slangs is an unofficial but widely acceptable language used in a particular region. Every tribe and culture have a distinctive or unique language that connects them with each other and distinguishes them from the crowd. In this article, we will be looking at the island CAP. 

This slang is popular in both western and pop culture, and also amongst Africans. Read below to see the meaning and application of this slang.

The Meaning Of Slang “Cap” and “No Cap” Online 

On the internet, “cap” means “a lie,” while “capping” means “lying.” It’s become one of the most widely used slang expressions in recent years, with broad use on social media, online memes, and direct messaging. It’s also a common pop-culture term, with plenty of recent song lyrics and TV show dialogue referencing “cap” and “capping.”

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Just as common as “cap” is the slang phrase “no cap,” which means that you’re being honest about something. You can use it to reassure others that you’ll follow through, especially if they have reservations.

For example, you might tell your friend, “I’m not ready for this, no cap,” after an unexpected event or prior to one. No cap shares similarities with a few other common slang phrases, such as “keeping it real.”

This slang term is unique in that it has a lot of different variations, all of which are related but have distinct meanings. Here’s a summary of the various ways people can use the word:

  • Cap: A lie or something contested.
  • Capping: Someone intentionally lying.
  • No Cap: Swearing that you’re honest or expressing that you’re completely serious about something.
  • That’s Cap: Catching someone in the act of lying or expressing disbelief in something.
  • Stop Capping: A request said to someone, asking them to stop lying.

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The Meaning Of Slang “Cap” and “No Cap” In Nigeria, Port Harcourt

However, in Nigerian Culture, Cap seems a little different in meaning. In the City of Port Harcourt, South-south Region of Nigeria, CAP  means to TALK in PIDGIN ENGLISH. 

When a man says: Weting you dey cap?  It means What are you saying? Another example could be with addition to an adjective such as careless,

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You dey cap careless – meaning You are Talking Carelessly

Examples And Meaning Where Cap Is Used 

CAP – Talk 

CAPO – Captain or Heade Speaker

CAPITAL – Where Meeting is Held and Discussions or Decisions are made



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