The Purpose Of Love and Power of Marriage-Myles Munroe


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The greatest source of human joy and pain is found in the drama of
love and relationships. Marriage has always been the most common context
for this drama. Today, many question the viability and validity of marriage
and openly wonder if it should continue to be esteemed as the bedrock of
modern social development.
The epidemic and explosive rise of the divorce rate adds further fuel to
the fear, hopelessness, disillusionment, and despair people feel with regard to

marriage. Many are skeptical and question their chances at success in mar-
riage. The situation is so serious that some have opted for co-habitation with-
out any formal contract or legal agreement, with the understanding that no

commitment is involved—no strings attached. In essence, we are producing
a generation whose appreciation and respect for the institution of marriage
is disintegrating.
Many victims of these failed marriages and divorced families develop

resentment and suppressed anger, which manifest themselves in a genera-
tional transfer of broken relationships and emotional dysfunction. Because

of the fear of failure, some have plainly stated that they neither believe in
marriage nor intend ever to marry. The negative press given to high profile
individuals in sports, entertainment, politics and, sadly, the church, whose
marriages have also fallen victim to the demise of relationships, has not
helped. It has served only to further erode the respect, confidence and the
high position the marriage institution once held in the social structure of
our communities.
Where is this all headed? Where do we go from here? Will the institution
of marriage survive the onslaught of negative reports, horror stories, and

the proponents of radical society change who promote the idea that mar-
riage has outlived its usefulness and value to human society?

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