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Top 20 Best Online Jobs For 2023

Top 20 Best Online Jobs For 2023
Top 20 Best Online Jobs For 2023

Top 20 Best Online Jobs For 2023

Top 20 Best Online Jobs For 2023

Working remotely is no longer an escape route for surviving through the pandemic; many jobs have moved online since then and many sides hustle surfaced. But not all online jobs are created equal. Some, like watching ads for pay, are simply obsolete and are no longer appreciated while others, like completing surveys, pay so low that they shouldn’t be counted as jobs. I’ve highlighted the top 20 best online jobs for 2023 considering how feasible they are and how much earning potential they have.

List Of Top 20 Best Online Jobs For 2023

  1. Virtual Tutor
  2. Customer Service Representative
  3. Freelance Writer
  4. Facebook Ads Manager
  5. Recruiter
  6. Transcriptionist
  7. Data Entry Specialist
  8. Virtual Assistant
  9. Dropshipper
  10. Social Media Manager
  11. Graphic Designer
  12. Freelance Coach
  13. Web Designer
  14. Course Creator
  15. Amazon Affiliate
  16. Self-publishing Ebooks
  17. Stock Photographer
  18. Proofreader
  19. Blogger
  20. Product Tester

1. Virtual Tutor

Do you enjoy assisting others in overcoming academic obstacles or achieving academic success? Virtual tutoring can be your ideal online job! As a virtual tutor, you assist students who are having difficulties with their schoolwork. Some tutors assist students in getting ready for particular exams, such as the ACT. Some merely assist students with their homework.


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Tutors determine their own hourly charges. You either work directly with clients and keep all of your earnings or work via a firm like Classgap that will take a cut of your fees. 

2. Customer Service Representative

These days, a lot of customer care agents work remotely. If you have the rudiments of communication, there are plenty of online opportunities available.

To work as a customer service agent, you will probably need to go through weeks of brand-specific training before you get your hands dirty in order to understand more about the company and how they handle certain inquiries. 

You’ll then choose a schedule for yourself from various shifts throughout the day.

Being a customer support representative is a great fit if you like interacting with people and providing solutions to issues. 

3. Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is someone who accepts payment to write for others. Businesses and media sites use freelance writers as independent contractors to produce a variety of content, including ghostwritten articles, features, ebooks, ads, product copy, and more.

You’ll find writing jobs by responding to advertisements or approaching potential clients directly. When you accept a job, you and your client will agree on the project’s parameters and your compensation.


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Typically, clients pay after the project has been finished and accepted. They will either pay you a flat rate or a cost per word for finishing each task.

4. Facebook Ads Manager

Every established business is aware that Facebook advertising is an excellent approach to getting leads and consumers. However, most do not know how to set up effective Facebook ads and are afraid to waste money.

You will create and manage Facebook Ad campaigns for these businesses as a Facebook Advertising Manager. Your task is to efficiently generate leads and sales for them.

Your job as an ads manager is to design landing pages, targeting strategies, images, and ad copy.

After that, you’ll analyze the data to determine how to make your adverts better. You’ll then give periodic reports to show your clients where their money is going and why it is in their best interest to keep paying you.

Clients often pay Facebook Ad Managers between $100 and $2,000 each month (plus the cost of the ads). Others get paid a percentage of the revenue or lead that their advertisements produce. Depending on your skill level, either one could be financially rewarding.

5. Recruiter

Recruiters used to work largely in offices, alongside human resources, but in recent years, many have switched to working fully online, with more flexible hours and locations. 

As a recruiter, you will be in charge of advertising job openings and seeking potential candidates; this entails contacting prospects via websites like LinkedIn to urge them to apply for your job openings.

Additionally, you will probably be in charge of conducting the initial phone interview with candidates to assist the business in pre-screening applicants; you then forward the most qualified individuals to the business for recruitment purposes.

6. Transcriptionist

Many people would rather read a written form of content than watch a video or listen to audio. That’s what you help with as a transcriptionist— turn an audio or video file into a transcript.

They’ll either pay you a set rate for each transcript or an hourly rate.

There are many different types of transcriptionists, including general, legal, and medical. Each type has particular characteristics and demands. Some (like the legal and medical fields) demand specialized education and licensing in order to be eligible for positions.

However, you can sign up with a transcribing company, like Transcribeme, that recruits novices if you want to get started right away. They will find you jobs that pay range from $6 to $25 per hour.

Depending on the workload, transcribing can be managed as a part- or full-time job.

7. Data Entry Specialist

Data entry is one of the easiest jobs you can do online. All you do is help clients organize various data into a database like Microsoft Excel or Word. You need no prior skills.

Another of your duties may be data cleansing, the process of deleting inaccurate data from a database. However, certain data input tasks are trickier than others.

A computer with a data entry tool like Microsoft Office is all you need to start working at entry-level positions. 

8. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is someone who serves people and organizations from home or any other remote place. Think of a personal assistant that works remotely.

Making your clients’ lives easier is the core purpose of your work.

The services that VAs offer might be very different depending on the client’s needs, your willingness to do the work, and your skill level.

Services may include scheduling, data entry, social media management, bookkeeping, and more. A VA can perform almost any task that can be completed remotely.

Virtual assistants can be paid a flat cost for completing a predetermined list of duties or by the hour. You and the client must agree on what you will perform and how you will be compensated.

You’ll need a computer, a business email address, and a video conferencing program like Skype or Zoom to start working as a VA.

9. Dropshipper

Dropshipping is one high-paying job you can do online in 2023. As a dropshipper, you sell physical products without having to create the product or handle fulfilment.

It works like this: a customer buys something from your online store; you send the order to a supplier, and the supplier sends the item to the customer using your brand name.

So basically, you purchase the goods from the supplier at a discounted rate. After deducting shipping and marketing expenses, you set your own prices for the products and sell the goods for a profit.

To begin dropshipping, you must:

  • Decide which item you want to offer in your shop.
  • Find a trustworthy vendor to get your orders from.
  • Create your online store, either on your own website or a well-known marketplace.
  • Use advertisements and other marketing strategies to draw clients.

10. Social Media Manager

You most likely use social media for a significant chunk of your day. If so, you might want to think about getting paid for it.

A social media manager looks after their clients’ social media profiles (usually businesses).

Among other things, this job requires you to develop a social media strategy, provide written and visual material for social media postings, interact with and answer followers’ comments, serve as a customer support representative, and produce monthly reports to demonstrate to clients your progress.

There are two ways social media managers are compensated:

  • You receive a monthly retainer from clients to manage their accounts.
  • You receive an hourly fee from clients for completing particular social media tasks.

It takes a lot of work to manage social media accounts effectively and achieve results. You can take on fewer clients and restrict the range of your services to manage the job part-time.

Or you can take on several accounts and make it your full-time job, earning a good living.

11. Graphic Designer

You should consider beginning an online graphic design job if you have a creative flair and an eye for attractive design.

Your job is to produce visuals using symbols, colours, fonts, and images, ascertain the message that your customer wishes to convey and present it in the best way to the target audience.

You will be tasked with the creation of logos, business cards, brochures, social media images, ads, and more.

Business owners, website owners, bloggers, and marketers are just a few of the many people who need graphic designers. These customers will either pay you an hourly rate or a flat rate for each project. You can charge more the more experience you have.

12. Freelance Coach

A coach is someone who employs specific knowledge to assist clients in reaching their goals. There are many different types of coaches, including relationship coaches, business coaches, and fitness coaches.

The only difference between coaching and developing an online course (covered later) is that you work directly with the clients you coach.

Typically, coaches begin with a strategy session when they speak with a client to understand their issues and objectives. Then they develop a plan to assist the client in resolving their issues and achieving their objectives.

Once the target is established, they continue to engage with the customer on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

In most cases, coaches are compensated hourly for the time spent working with clients.

13. Web Designer

Still in the line of freelance online jobs, creating a website’s look and feel is the responsibility of a web designer. They create the experience that users have when they visit a website, to put it another way.

As a web designer, you won’t work with code as frequently, unlike developers. You will nevertheless need to master a few coding languages, such as PHP, JavaScript, and Python.

The common payment structure for independent web designers is either an hourly rate or a fixed fee per project. The biggest issue with both payment options is that it might be difficult to estimate how long a project would take.

WordPress is the most popular web design tool and you can learn it in 1 month.

14. Course Creator

If you have a skill that others want to learn and if you enjoy teaching it to others, you can create a course about it.

Course creators create and sell online courses to teach what they know. The course is then advertised via content, advertisements, and other marketing techniques.

You can sell them either through your own website or a marketplace for online courses like Udemy. If you sell on your own site, you keep all of the profits (minus expenses). On the other hand, you keep between 75% and 97% of course sales if you sell on Udemy.

15. Amazon Affiliate

An Amazon Affiliate is a person who advertises Amazon products on their website in exchange for a cut of each transaction.

You must first create a blog in a certain niche and use it to advertise Amazon products within that niche to earn money as an Amazon Affiliate.

“Tracking links” are created by Amazon for each affiliate to identify the origin of its visitors and customers. You then receive a commission from sales made within 90 days of someone clicking on your tracking link.

16. Self-publishing Ebooks

Ebook self-publishing is simply creating ebooks, releasing them on Amazon Kindle, and marketing them. You are essentially a one-person publishing firm.

Writing fiction or nonfiction books, editing them, designing book covers, and then publishing the book on Kindle are your day-to-day tasks. Additionally, you’ll be in charge of promoting your book through Kindle ads, blog posts, social media posts, and more.

Depending on the cost of your book, Kindle will keep a part of each sale. 70% of each sale goes to you if you price your book at $2.99 or higher. Otherwise, you keep 35% of each sale if your pricing is lower.

17. Stock Photographer

Selling stock photographs online is one of the finest methods to monetize your photography skills. You will take photos, edit them, upload them to websites, and get paid each time someone purchases them.

All these are done on third-party vendors like Etsy or Shutterstock. Alternatively, you may create your own website to sell your images and keep all of the money you make.

A top-notch camera, photo-editing software (such as Photoshop), and a computer are all you require to get started.

18. Proofreader

Another online job you can do in 2023 is proofreading. As a proofreader, before a piece of text is published, your responsibility is to find and correct any spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues.

You get to edit all forms of content including novels, transcripts, and product descriptions.

Typically, independent proofreaders will bill clients in one of three ways:

  • a set fee for every project
  • a charge per hour, such $20 per hour
  • A price per word (e.g., $20 for 500 words)

The initial stages of freelance proofreading don’t actually call for any particular equipment. But it’s best to have a few tools at your disposal. This can involve grammar and punctuation manuals, dictionaries, or grammar checkers like Grammarly.

19. Blogger

Blogging can be for you if you love to write and are enthusiastic about a particular subject. Running a blog is essentially running a website about a particular subject.

Bloggers produce written and visual content for their audiences that entertains educates, and benefits them.

You can combine several other online jobs and money-making streams while being a blogger. They include:

  • Course creation and selling on your blog
  • Coaching or freelancing
  • Affiliate marketing (profit-sharing sales of other people’s goods)
  • Advertising

To start, you’ll need to choose a Content Management System like WordPress, register a domain name, and find a website host.

However, blogging is not a quick way to get rich. Most blogs take a year or longer to start making money. Be sure you’re prepared to stick through.

20. Product Tester

Companies want to know how well a product performs and how it may be improved before launching it. So they use firms that pay individuals to test their products and offer feedback.

Here is where you step in.

A product testing business like PinchMe will give you offers on things you may test and review once you register with them. If you agree, they will send you the goods and instructions outlining what you are expected to accomplish.

They typically ask you to complete a survey or offer additional feedback after you test the product. They will either give you the product in return, or they will pay you in cash or gift cards. You most likely won’t earn enough to leave your job.


Succeeding in any of the above-listed jobs will most likely take a while. You need to develop your skills, build a portfolio, and find clients. But that is the only difficult part. Thereafter, you can continue to scale till you get to a point where you can confidently leave your day job


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