Top 5 Brain Teaser Mobile Apps For Students

Top 5 Brain Teaser Mobile Apps For Students

Top 5 Brain Teaser Mobile Apps For Students

5 Brain Teaser Mobile Apps For Students


Almost all students around developing and advanced nations have access to a mobile device and spend time on it. Mobile apps are essential that make up the relevance of every mobile device or gadget. These apps come to fulfil the specific or predefined purposes of the devices.

In this article, we will be revealing 5 important apps that would be an asset to every student who is resourceful and mobile frenzy. However, statistics show that millions of people engage their mobile devices per second all over the world and this includes students. Although, the bulk or chunk of visited apps are majorly social media apps. But, there is a need to have a little and helpful distraction that would not totally take you of the learning curve.


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So here are 5 apps you can try to keep your mind engaged as you spend time on your mobile devices without social media.


5 Best Brain Teaser Apps For Academic Students




Top 5 Brain Teaser Mobile Apps For Students
Top 5 Brain Teaser Mobile Apps For Students


As the name implies, Scrabble with over 100 Million downloads on the Google play store is sure the first on the list. An interesting game that will help you build and expand your vocabulary and knowledge of words. It’s never a boring game and to those with high and broad knowledge of the English vocabulary. 

The mobile app is not short of excitement as well. You compete with a friend or play against the ai. This is a very educative app and should be on the phone of every student.



Top 5 Brain Teaser Mobile Apps For Students
Top 5 Brain Teaser Mobile Apps For Students


Although not as popular as the Scrabble game, four letters are sure a very exciting mobile app to have. The principle of the game is simple. Four letters would be shown to you and all you do is make a four-letter word out of it in 3 seconds. At the initial stage, it would give you about a 5 -6 seconds window but as you progress it reduces to 3 secs and every right answer affords you an extra second after that. 

This is not just for the formation of words but the speed and the responsiveness to put it down before the time is up. Four letters are tensive and very engaging. With over 25000 four-letter words to solve you can tell that it’s not one to easily complete or scale through till the end. 


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The rule seems hard but that’s the beauty of the game. At the end of each play, the score is given and the failed or misspelt word is corrected with meaning. There are many words in four letters that you know and many more you would discover when you try this app

Four letters are a wonderful mobile app and should be on every student’s phone. 

3. 4 PICS 1 WORD

Top 5 Brain Teaser Mobile Apps For Students
Top 5 Brain Teaser Mobile Apps For Students


Common to some and alien to others. 4 Pics remains a genius. The makers of this app took time to express that idea in such a wonderful app. 

Four pictures saying the same thing without a written description, only expressions, Intentions, gesticulation, and so on would rely on your mind to decipher what they are talking about. 

This app is so interesting, sometimes after some days of trying to figure out what word describes the four pictures you find out it’s just a simple word. 


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Unlike the four letters, 4pics has no time frame only for the bonus hour and pair player mode. 

4 Pics is additive and very engaging. Lovers of 4 pics One Word carry the thought of their last unsolve riddle to their sleep and think about it as they wake up. 

Just like every other game, the further you play the harder it gets. Word become tougher to unravel yet simple to understand. 

This is a very good App, Highly recommended



Top 5 Brain Teaser Mobile Apps For Students
Top 5 Brain Teaser Mobile Apps For Students


Not far from what the name already says, this app describes a riddle and allows you to select the right word that the riddle talks about. 

This is made easier to understand as the words available for the solutions contain the solution. So even if a letter has to appear twice in the right answer you would see the letters in a shuffled format. 

With various categories from riddles to idioms and Riddle me that is a great tool and good for students. 



Top 5 Brain Teaser Mobile Apps For Students
Top 5 Brain Teaser Mobile Apps For Students


How well do you know brands and how well can you recognize their logo. This is the app for people who are vast and read anything and whatever they see. 

Logos of brands of industries, company and more are  sure in such sway they won’t always reveal themselves to you until you guess it right  

If you don’t know your brand’s and what logo your favourite tea spots, designers and football clubs and all this app is not for you. 

These are my five top brain teaser apps if you have more you can add them in the Somme t box. 

In conclusion, no knowledge is a waste  Every time you learn anything, you have learned more things. Knowledge improves life and living. Instead of wasting time on social media networks throughout the day why not get your mind busy with these apps to keep your mind active. 

Make it a habit to always learn one thing every day and you will always have an edge other others who don’t.


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