Watch The Lady Who Slept With A Dog In Viral Video Speaks (Video)

Watch The Lady Who Slept With A Dog In Viral Video Speaks (Video)

Watch The Lady Who Slept With A Dog In Viral Video Speaks (Video)

This is only proof that the majority of youths suffer decadence and have no iota of sanity in them. How can someone boldly claim to have s*x with a dog in a video? Whether for fun or for real this is madness.

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The Lady who slept with a dog for 1.5m makes a shocking confession

Recently, social media was agog by the video of a lady who slept with a dog for a 1.5million Naira.

This video captures the moment the woman who went viral for sleeping with a dog admitted to it and even justified her actions.

She explained why she did it in the video while also firing shots at others who chastised her for sleeping with a dog.

She asked her critics if they have ever seen 1.5m before in their life adding that she has no regrets about doing what she did and that she is not infected.

The TikTok with user ID @Veegodess has been trending on social media after saying there is no big deal about bestiality. In a video she shared online, the lady claimed she slept with a dog and got N1.1 million.

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“What is the big deal there? I only slept with a dog, I didn’t kill somebody. You, in your life, you have done worse and besides, have you seen N1.7million before?she said in the video shared

After so much rebuke, she came out to say she was only ”catching cruise”, a slang for joking.




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