What’s New in Chrome 101 Available Now

What’s New in Chrome 101 Available Now

What’s New in Chrome 101 Available Now

Chrome celebrated its 100th birthday in March 2022, but the party is now ended. We’ll be returning on April 26, 2022, with a new release. The redesigned download UI, preserving Tab Groups, and the password manager has all been improved in Chrome 101. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got.

New Download UI Still Improving

Chrome Download Bubble.

Chrome 99 started work on a new download UI that’s similar to the look of Microsoft Edge. The downloads are found in a small shortcut in the top toolbar rather than the big row at the bottom of the screen.

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Chrome 101 is continuing to make improvements to this UI. It now shows progress bars when you’re downloading multiple items and you can right-click to see a context menu to “Show in Folder” and other shortcuts.

What’s New in Chrome 101 Available Now

You can try this out right now by enabling the “Download Bubble” feature flag: chrome://flags/#download-bubble

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Saving Tab Groups Gets Closer

Saving Tab Groups.

Google has been working on the ability to save Tab Groups for a while now with a flag showing up in Chrome 95. It appears the feature is very close to being ready as it’s finally functional in Chrome 101 Beta. Using the “Save Group” toggle now adds it to the bookmarks bar.

You still have to enable this feature with the feature flag: chrome://flags/#tab-groups-save

Password Manager Improvements


Password Manager notes.

Chrome has a surprisingly robust Password Manager, but it still lacks some features you’d find in dedicated password managers. Soon, you’ll be able to do one of those things—adding notes to saved passwords.

What’s New in Chrome 101 Available Now

This is simply a new “Note” field that appears when you edit a saved password. You can use this to add any context you might want, such as a security question answer. In addition, Google is working on the ability to manually add saved passwords without the automatic pop-up.

The notes feature is hidden behind a flag ( chrome://flags/#password-notes ) along with the ability to manually add passwords (chrome://flags/#add-passwords-in-settings).


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