Zimbabweans “Zvigunwe” Now Selling Their Toes For Wealth

Zimbabweans “Zvigunwe” Now Selling Their Toes For Wealth

Zimbabweans “Zvigunwe” Now Selling Their Toes For Wealth

“Zvigunwe” – Zimbabweans Now Selling Their Toes For Rituals

In Zimbabwe, inhabitants are going through difficult economic circumstances, and individuals are willing to go to lengths to put food on the table.

Some people are now exchanging their fingers and toes for money, according to social media posts that have gone viral.

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Over the past couple of months, there have been unverified claims that Harare people are now cutting off their toes and selling them for riches.

The rumours have gained so much traction and are blowing up on social media, resulting in a barrage of memes and jokes about the issue.

Zimbabweans “Zvigunwe” Now Selling Their Toes For Wealth

It is believed that foreign currency and cell phone dealers who ply their trade at the Ximex Mall area along Jason Moyo Avenue are now selling their toes for riches. Unverified screenshots flying around on WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook suggest that some sell their toes for as much as US$40,000 for the big toe, US$25,000 for the moddle toe and US$10,000 for the tiny toe.

Zvigunwe craze

Further allegations suggest that Ximex dealers always wear closed shoes or sandals with socks to conceal their feet with few toes. Social media users have been making jokes about the issue saying it is better to have nine toes while driving a Toyota Hilux GD6 than having both sets of toes but walking on foot.

Zimbabweans “Zvigunwe” Now Selling Their Toes For Wealth

Local publication H-Metro quoted a source who said the issue started as a joke among fellow dealers at Ximex Mall but ended up being blown out of proportion.

I can’t really deny or confirm such activity at Ximex Mall but what I gathered is that this whole issue was blown out of proportion after a few guys shared it as a joke. Yes, some of the latest cars that the dealers are driving are questionable. Imagine seeing a guy who has been struggling to buy lunch for himself now cruising in a Mercedes-Benz GL400 which costs US$200,000. You have questions.

Watch a video of someone claiming to have sold their toes to buy a Toyota GD6

Could this be a real phenomenon? Check out what people are saying online about the “Zvigunwe” craze.


Hezvo,ko zvekubviswa chigunwe for GD6 ndezve chokwadi?I legit thought its a joke ini but you mean to tell me chigunwe costs that much?







Zimbabweans “Zvigunwe” Now Selling Their Toes For Wealth

Some companies have already started jumping onto the trend;


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